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About Staging:

90% of home buyers decide online what properties to visit.

This is why marketing your space with professional staging and styling is crucial, when selling to entice buyers to visit your Real Estate. Mahalo Hale Staging will select furnishings and decor tailored to your listing needs, based on trends and style to create magazine quality pictures of your home and set you apart from the sea of properties available in your area.

You detail your car before you sale it to get the best price, your home being a larger investment deserve the same to ensure the best return on your investment?

Our team helps Families, Real Estate Agents, vacation rental agents/owners and Investors, make and get the most out of their environments.

For pricing or to schedule a consultation please contact Mahalo Hale at 808.334.9888

Our consultation includes: 

a property walkthrough, suggestions for staging and styling based on the property and an estimate for a custom staging or styling package that will best meet your needs.

Our collaborative team of artists are located on the Big Island of Hawaii where we transform spaces into homes, that are both esthetically pleasing and facilitate easy island living.

About Us:

Our Philosophy 

Imagination needs space to roam free. We stage homes to feel full of possibilities - not stuff - so there’s plenty of room for your buyers to mentally move in.

Quality over quantity. 

We approach every project as a unique work of art by using a curated selection of homewares, floral arrangements, and fine art that draws the eye to each home’s unique benefits. Our goal is to provoke an emotional response in buyers, by showing them the potential of the home in a creative way.

Open minds change the world. 

Are you seeking a fresh perspective? At Mahalo Hale, we love working with open minded individuals who like to think outside the box. We’re challenging the traditional ideas of real estate staging, and getting big results. The homes we stage spend less time on the market and sell faster than conventionally staged homes. 

Give back with your whole heart.  

In Hawaiian “Mahalo” means to give thanks. We say thank you by being of service to home-focused charitable organizations. In 2017, Mahalo Hale partnered with Habitat for Humanity and Target to create dream rooms for children in Kailua-Kona, HI. Since March part of our team is working on 3D Printing and distributing face shields for the essential workers on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Support local artists. 

 We help promote Hawaii-based artists by using their work in our staging. From realtors to prospective buyers, artists have a chance to be center stage and make valuable connections. 

Our work

Mahalo hale - Kailua-Kona, HI, US

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Testimonials and articles

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Mahalo Hale Community Services

Our Founder: 

Valerie Delahaye-Ippolito 

Valerie’s work as a home stager started many years ago as a child in Paris, France. Accompanying her mother and grandmother on visits to the homes of friends and relatives, she often got in trouble for rearranging entire rooms. As an awkward school girl with dyslexia, Valerie found freedom in a rich visual language of shape, color and texture. Growing up on one of the most prestigious avenues in Paris in the shadow of the famous couturier storefronts Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel only helped fan the flames.

As Founder of Mahalo Hale, Valerie is out to revolutionize real estate sales with a simple principle - stage it well, and it will sell. For her, staging is an art form. It’s about reflecting each home’s unique personality, while leaving space for the buyer to mentally move in. Visual cues like an intimate table setting, or a special curated piece evoke an emotional response - because at its core, buying a home is an emotional decision. When you walk into a Mahalo Hale home, it’s clear Valerie’s work comes straight from the heart. 

Valerie founded Mahalo Hale in 2015 after moving to the Big Island of Hawaii from California. She realized her childhood talent might be worth something after staging, listing and selling her LA home in less than a week. Valerie is an accomplished visual effects artist and producer, collaborating on 50 films, including The Matrix, IT, The Avengers, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Titanic, where she appropriately met and fell in love with her husband Rusty Ippolito. They have been together for 20 years and live in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii with their two sons, Teo and Kio. 

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